CAC Digest #8

Covers 29 Aug 1996

Dear CACers:

Well, the Dem Nat Con is over and I know who I’m voting for this Nov!

Also, I wanted to inform you that thanks to DJ we now have a formal list
server. This will make communication a lot easier and save some confusion.

Unless you let me know that you want “off” this list by Wed, Sept. 4 (after
the many conferences have been held), I will automatically subscribe you to
the CAC list. From that point on, if you want to send a message to everyone
of the list, just send it to:

Finally, please continue to pray for those with leadership roles at various
conferences this weekend. Jasmin and Grace will lead important workshops at
the Eastern Chinese Bible Conference; Craig Wong will be the speaker at the
First Chinese Baptist Church, SF’s career conference.


Tim Tseng


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