where Asian-American graduates go after campus ministries

CAC Digest # 6 August 27, 1996

{1} From Rev. Dr. Samuel Ling, Chicago

Subj: Re: Helen Lee article
Date: Tue, Aug 27, 1996 7:33 EDT
From: Samuel.Ling@wheaton.edu (Dr Samuel Ling)
To: TSTseng@aol.com, aalumkal@phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Antony W. Alumkal)

Good thought re. where Asian American graduates go. Perhaps may just drop
out (the usual conclusion people make)? I agree that most AA campus
ministries adopt the mainstream theology and culture. I also agree that this
is a transitional phase — but I guess that it will last quite a long time?
May I venture to guess which church you referred to in your e-mail? Do you
know my former church-member and seminarian friend Dan Ying?

Sam Ling
General Director, China Horizon (a ministry to mainland Chinese scholars, and
a one-time ABC youth director, 1976-78, and church planter for ABC’s, 1980-85
— that dates me! Yuck…)

{2} From DJ Chuang

Subj: broader scope than ABCs
Date: Tue, Aug 27, 1996 4:36* EDT
From: djchuang@ix.netcom.com (DJ Chuang)
To: 54YANG@CUA.EDU, TSTseng@aol.com

>From 54YANG:
>> a listserv list is preferred. However, I agree with Tim that we should
not restrict ourselves to ABC ministries only. Overall, there are not too
many Chinese churches and Chinese Christians. We need some broader scope.<<

I think there plenty of Chinese churches and Chinese Christians in America,
perhaps not as many that are online, and not as many who are proficient with
email, but I think it's not far fetched to say that there would be a few
hundred who would be able to discuss issues online related to ABC Ministries
on a mailing list, as evidenced by the monthly newsletter called FACE
(Fellowship of American Chinese Evangelicals) in California, for example.

However, I could ask to see if a broader scope mailing list can be setup that
more exactly parallels (thus able to replace) the CAC list.. what should this
list be called, and what would be the scope.


* my page at http://users.aol.com/djchuang/ * John 2:17 *


{3} From Tim Tseng

DJ, perhaps some “history” is in order :-). The CAC list was originally the
brainchild of Prof. Sze Kar Wan @ Andover-Newton Theological School about
one-1/2 years ago. At the Assn of Theological School’s seminar for
Underrepresented Scholars in March, 1995, Sze-Kar, a number of colleagues,
and I discussed the possibility of developing a network of Asian Americans
Christians from the academy, church, and laity to discuss matters pertinent
to Asian American Christian ministries/research. Sze-Kar and I felt that our
callings into the ministry of seminary/theological education – while opening
doors for Asian Americans in that arena – still left us marginalized from
Asian American Christians. We didn’t want to merely research Asian Americans
who are Christians; rather, we felt the need bring together resources that
Asian American layleaders, pastors, and academicians possessed to help people
understand Asian American Christians, generate support and interest in the
new scholarship related to Asian American Christianity, and help strengthen
Asian American churches/ministries. One way of describing all this is that
we were hoping to develop a “think-tank” network for Asian American Christian
ministries. Some of our long range dreams: conferences to develop Asian
American theology (both academic and practical), Asian American Christian
studies, and “political” clout to influence seminary education and scholarly
publishers to give more attention/resources to Asian American Christians.
Sze Kar and others ought to correct me if I’m mistaken in any of the above

After much enthusiastic discussion, we felt that we had to start slowly and
with a small group. So the CAC internet list was started last year – limited
to Chinese Americans (i.e., OBC/ABC/ARC). We decided not to start with a
formal list server (i.e., messages are posted to one email address and
automatically distributed to all subscribers of the list – saves the hassle
of addressing everyone on the list for each message) and hoped that something
would develop over time. We’ve (especially me) taken the liberty of adding
our friends’ addresses to the list this past year .

Well, conversation has been light until this month. So please keep talking
(I promise to step out of the role of list manager and get into the
conversations myself soon). At this point, I’m fairly certain that this list
doesn’t want to limit itself to ABC matters. But, I’m not sure we’re ready
to expand to include other Asian ethnic groups (let’s continue to discuss
this issue). I am absolutely sure that I’d prefer to move to a formal server
like the one that you’ve set up. So, could we change the name/purpose of
your list to focus on Chinese American Christians (for now)? I think it would
be prudent to wait until more folks participate in this list before we shift
the focus to be more broadly Asian American. This doesn’t mean that we need
to discuss Chinese American Christianity exclusively.

If DJ can make a slight alteration with his “ABCministries list,” I would
like to have everyone on this list automatically subscribed. Again, please
let me know if you (i.e., everyone on this list) wish to be removed from this
list – otherwise I’ll assume that your silence is an agreement to remain on
the CAC list. Also, if you know anyone who might be interested in signing
on, please let me know!

We’ve got some real gifted persons on this list with impressive credentials,
so I hope that you’ll introduce yourselves as you respond to this message
(don’t be shy!). For convenience, please send me your messages – indicating
that you would like it distributed to everyone on the list – and I’ll have it
sent. When we switch over to a formal server, then you’ll be given an
address to send your messages. These will automatically be sent to everyone
on the discussion list without going through me first.

Also, I’ve saved all the discussion and materials for August. It’d be nice to
get a web-page so we can archive our discussions.

Sorry for the lengthy message.
Tim Tseng