Asian-American GenXers

CAC Digest #4 Covering August 21-24, 1996

D.J. Chuang has made a formal server mailing list
available for us. The following is a “welcome” message that many of you may
have received. Personally, I would prefer to have the list managed
automatically, but wonder about whether the purpose statement of DJ’s list
may be too limiting (it’s focus is on American Born Chinese) Anyway check
out the message below. Tim Tseng (

P.S. Congrats to Sze-Kar Wan and Maria Mak! They were
wed today (August 24th)! For those of you who may not know, Sze-Kar was also
tenured as a professor of biblical studies at Andover Newton this year! He
is really the one who got this discussion list started.

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{1} Ken Fong [Evergreen Baptist Church] responds to
Tim’s query:

>> Has anyone read the lengthy article in the current _Atlantic Monthly_
about mega-churches? I can email it to you by request only since it is so
long (I don’t want to clog up your email accounts any more than necessary).< I’m wondering if you could comment on how the differences
>between European-American generation X and their Asian peers affect your
>ministry among them. And how their respective images of God compare.

A good resource that was recently published by IVP about ministry to
GenXers is _Jesus for a New Generation_ by Kevin Graham Ford. I think it’s
really excellent and I highly recommend it for anyone doing ministry to
There are, of course, many differences between European-American
GenXers and Asian-American GenXers, but here are a few that I feel
comfortable talking about.
I think one of the similarities for both are in weak families, but
for Asian-American youth the cross-cultural factors compound the
cross-generational factors. This relates to GenXers valuing friendships over
family relationships, which is the way Asian Americans have gone when their
family is not there for them.
One difference is that Euro-American GenXers have given up on
traditional organizations, career paths, and hopes for financial success.
Most Asian-American youth are still driven to achieve and have hopes for
future success.
Another thought about GenX culture (it is a culture), I know of
Asian-Americans who fall all over the range of identification with it. As
there is an Asian vs. American bi-cultural continum of cultural
identification, it probably applies to the AA GenXers as well.
I’ll keep my comments brief, I’m just speculating. As for ministry
applications, we’re figuring out how to minister to a group of mixed
Euro-American and Asian-American GenXers, so I can’t easily tell the
distinctions. And as for images of God, I can’t tell either. Give me a
couple more years.
Well,sorry I can’t be more helpful. I appreciate your asking and the
chance to ponder about this.

God’s blessings,

P.S. I should introduce myself for the list. I grew up in New York City in
a Chinese Chinatown church, went to Brown for college and have been doing
ministry with InterVarsity for most of my years since graduating, except for
a year in China inbetween. Now, I’m not doing any Chinese specific ministry
or go to a Chinese church, but I work with a likeable multi-ethnic group of