Chinese Protestant Women

Subj: CAC DIGEST # 02 Aug 19, 1996
Date: 96-08-20 01:48:51 EDT
From: TSTseng


{1} Subject: server
Date: 19-Aug-1996 09:14am EST

Hi Tim

About your grant, I would remind you of the founder of the First
Baptist church in Chinatown, but i’m sure you know more about her
than I do. Of course, there is always Mrs. Yvonne Chang formerly

I was reminded of your good work and the need of a server for the
CAC or what not. I don’t know what all is involved with a list
server and stuff but if you want I could approach Drew for some
charitable donation of a cut of their cyberspace.

– Milton

{2} Subj: Re: Chinese Protestant Women in American Paper
Date: Mon, Aug 19, 1996 12:08* EDT
From: (Jeanette S.G. Yep)


This looks like a great proposal! I wonder if you can get the
names of some of the early Chinese Protestant Women from some of
the “old-timers” in the older, established, more Chinatown-based
(vs. 1960’s Taiwanese/Hong Kong immigrant) churches across the
country. It seems that the Chinese church has always had a
category for “Bible women” who faithfully served their
congregations as ministers of visitation, ministers to new
immigrants and women’s Bible study/fellowship leaders. In the
Boston Chinese Evangelical Church, I remember a Mandarin (!)
speaking woman, Miss Helen Shih (?) who was instrumental in
founding the church. I suspect that many of the “long-time” older
Chinese churches have similar, foundational, key leaders in their
history. You may have to go the oral history route to get info on
some of these unsung, faithful heroes of the faith! (Miss Helen
may be already with the Lord.)