future of Asian-American churches

Subj: CAC Digest # 01
Date: 96-08-19 01:11:51 EDT
From: TSTseng

CAC DIGEST 1 (Aug. 16-18, 1996)

The following is a compilation of discussions over the past
three days which, I suspect, not everyone on the list has
received. — Tim Tseng

{1} Subj: Re: Helen Lee article
Date: Fri, Aug 16, 1996 10:00 EDT
From: andovrb@bcvms.bc.edu (Sze-kar Wan)
To: TSTseng@aol.com

Dear Tim:

You are doing a good job reviving and revitalizing the CAC-forum.
Keep up the good work. I am enormously busy
these days, as you can appreciate. Once I am freer, I will take a
more active part.

One minor point: you may want to ask people not to include the
original message in their postings; it makes for
difficult reading without printing.

I fully support getting a formal server, if we have access to
such an account, since our resourcesa re limited at best. I
do think our forum should be widened to Asian-American churches
and not just Chinese-American (tho my ethnic
side protests still, but that’s its problem).

Till next time and God bless,

{2} Subj: RE: CAC Digest 8/15/96
Date: Fri, Aug 16, 1996 3:40* EDT
From: MENG@DREW.EDU (Eng, Milton (201)-408-8259)
To: TSTseng@aol.com (TSTseng)

Hi Tim

I think it would be alright to merge with another ABC or asian-
american list as long as that list is Christian as in
CAC. I think we have some important distinctives religiously to
be separate from a more general list which has to do
with asian-american issues and concerns at large.

– Milton

{3} Subj: Re: Helen Lee article
Date: Sun, Aug 18, 1996 11:57 EDT
From: kenfong@earthlink.net (Ken Fong)
To: aalumkal@phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Antony W. Alumkal)

Well, Mr. Princeton, I see your point. Many of the AA college
students I’ve spoken with in the last five years are in
a dilemma. Being in AACF or IVCF, etc., has truly gotten them
more serious about their life of faith. However,
most of them state that they are very pessimistic about returning
to their home churches–they don’t ‘fit’ there
anymore. We need more forward-looking/thinking churches that
reflect the outlook of these motivated young adult

Obviously, Ms. Lee’s article used Rev. Gibbon’s Newsong church as
an archetype for the future. Our church,
Evergreen, was briefly mentioned near the end. I was
disappointed that Ms. Lee didn’t expand more on our model,
which is heading more and more in the direction of emerging
blended culture of AA Boomers and Busters. As much
as Gibbons has studied GenXers, his statement at the end, that
they won’t be able to build the kind of churches that
first-gen. KAs have unless they are willing to ‘sacrifice and
pray’ like them–well, to my ears, that sounds like the
same old same old, i.e., asking GenXers to become like their
predecessors. I truly believe that each generation
deserves and needs to encounter Christ incarnate in their own
story. Other reactions?