dynamics of Asian American Christians


The following contains two messages for the CAC. The first comes from Lily
Wu (Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, NYC), the second from Rev. Joey
Lee (San Jose Presbyterian).

I’ll forward the CT article to y’all in a day or two.

Question: there is a possibility that we can become a formal list with a
real list server. What d’ya think? Also, what do you think if we merged
with another list for American-Born Chinese? or for Asian-Americans, in

Watching the Republican Convention with interest,
Tim Tseng


{1} From Lily Wu

Hi Tim,

Just heard about the National Forum on Faith and Politics at the Omni
Shoreham Hotel in Washington DC Sept. 13-15. $95 registration. Lots of
speakers like Jim Wallis interested in a bipartisan call back to compassion
and civility. Thought I’d mention it in case anyone you know would be


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Author: PC:CALL_TO_RENEWAL@convene.com at UUCP
Date: 8/14/96 10:41 AM

Dear Lily,

Thank you for your support. I can’t email a schedule to you, but I can let
you know that things should start AROUND 9am on Friday thhe 13th and run all
day. We have a service in the National Cathedral that night, then sessions,
etc. all day Saturday and a “Welcome Table” banquet on saturday night with
some folks from homeless shelters joining conference registrants for a meal.
Sunday morning, it now looks as though we’re just going to encourage people
to go to local churches. Please stay in touch.

Richard Vernon
Outreach Assistant


{2} From Rev. Joey Lee


Thanks for the article on anti-Asian violence. And if you have the Helen Lee
article, maybe to could forward it to me?

I want to pose a question to CACers, given the fact that I have sensed two
streams of discussion flowing through our corner of cyberspace.

One is the presence, growth and dynamics of AA Christians, evangelical and
mainline, from campus to new churches. The other is concern over the
injustice that continues towards Asians in America, from hatecrimes to
anti-immigration legislation and scapegoating. When do the two streams
merge? Will the theme of “Justice” at ECBC (to say I’m surprised is an
understatement!) reflect on the issues of racial injustice like those
mentioned in the Times article? Will the AACFs in Southern Cal study,
discuss, pray about the increase in hatecrimes in that area? Will AA
Christians take to heart the blaming and penalizing of undocumented
immigrants, and also remember the question Jesus posed “which of these was a
neighbor to the man?” (LK 10:36) and “just as you did to one of the least of
these, you did it to me.” (MT 25:40)?

I pose this question because I have not seen the intersection of Asian
American Christians and faith and justice, in tangible and concrete ways.
I would welcome any response.

If this gets posted, by way of introduction, I am currently the organizing
pastor for the South Bay Asian American Presbyterian Church in San Jose.
Previous to this position I served as Associate for English ministries at
the First Chinese Presbyterian Church of New York City. However in October I
will begin a new position as Associate Executive for the Presbytery of San
Jose. The South Bay church, a small start up church is looking for another
organizing pastor. If you know of anyone that may be interested they can
contact me.

Rev. Joey Lee
888 N. First Street Ste. 320
San Jose CA 95112
408 293-5693
fax 408 279-5261
email: PastorJoey@aol.com