Welcome to archives of the CAC Forum (circa 1995-2002)

This web site serves as an “info center” for issues related to Chinese American Christians, which include issues related to Christian ministry, ethnic churches, Asian American churches, society, government, politics, and ethnic identity. The CAC Forum Archives are a wealth of discussions (knowledge base).

Waterwind was launched in March 2003 as a new place for online discussion re: Asian American issues. Waterwind List was an unmoderated forum for the discussion of Christian life and ministry in Asian American settings, as viewed from a generally evangelical perspective. View the online archives at topica.com/lists/waterwind/read. The Topica Discussion List was shut down on July 29th, 2014.

book >> Invitation to Lead: Guidance for Emerging Asian American Leaders by Paul Tokunaga (Intervarsity Press; March 2003)

article >> For Asian-American Churches, Integration Proves Complicated by Michael Luo (1/20/02)

research >> ABC Pastor Discouragement and Dropout: A Study Based on the Responses of 64 Pastors (.PDF) by Justin Der (12/13/01) (.DOC)


The CAC Forum went dark on October 18th, 2002, after a 7-year run as one of the only online places to discuss Chinese/Asian American issues. Over the years, it grew from a manual undertaking of 50 subscribers to over 180+ subscribers, plus many others who’ve participated for a time. The archives from these discussions will be online for an indefinite time, serving as a knowledge base and resource to the broader community.

This CAC mailing list was noted for significance in the book, “Religions in Asian America: Building Faith Communities,” edited by Pyong Gap Min and Jung Ha Kim (AltaMira Press, Dec 18, 2001), in the chapter titled, “Asian American Pan-Ethnic Formation,” by Russell Jeung, page 231.

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